March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

The Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network (CCPN) is a statewide program that offers free screenings to qualified medically under-served individuals. Partnering clinics can refer patients to the program. If qualified, patients can receive a colon cancer screening at no cost to them.

Our CCPN patient navigators are a vital part of the screening program. They provide patients information and support to achieve successful colorectal cancer screening. Navigators are accessible to patients throughout the screening process to provide ongoing support and address fears, barriers, and concerns. Navigators create a trusted environment for patients which contributes to screening compliance.
The Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network (CCPN) is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and eradication of colorectal cancer mortality through education, awareness, and provisions of screening services.

The Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network (CCPN) at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) is a successful functioning individual entity under the College of Arts & Sciences. We are steadfast with our mission as we work to eradicate the incidence of colorectal cancer through the state of South Carolina. As part of these ongoing efforts, the screening program continues to expand its reach to maximize efforts in increasing screening delivery to medically underserved individuals. Innovative initiatives have been launched by the CCPN that fostered colorectal cancer awareness, education and screening by implementing strategies and solutions aimed to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer and to also address the rise in young adult (<45yrs/age) cases of colorectal cancer.

For more information, visit the  Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network for a lot of education materials and short cool videos at

Talk to your doctor and get screened!