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Take the Pledge



Good health and well-being is everybody’s business. We can all take part in building awareness, and sharing the knowledge and tools that play a role in achieving better health outcomes.

By pledging your support to Healthy Tri-County’s Find Your Fit campaign, you’re recognizing that changes need to be made in the healthcare conversation in our community. Find Your Fit gives you the tools and resources you need to be an agent of change. Take the pledge as either an individual or an organization to demonstrate your commitment to talk more openly and carry out meaningful activities to improve healthy living for you, your family, your friends and your community. After you pledge, download your Take Action Guide and be sure to share on social media using #FindYourFitHTC!

Who should pledge as an Individual?

Any and all community members, families, friends, community-based groups (e.g. neighborhood associations) and social groups (e.g. sororities, fraternities)

Who should pledge as an Organization?

Academic institutions, businesses and industry, faith-based organizations, government agencies, non-profits and professional groups


Individuals Pledge Here Photo Link