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SC Thrive - Mental Health First Aid Certification and more

Our agency’s goal is to meet people where they are in life, addressing their needs holistically to move them toward stability, then on to self-sustainability. SC Thrive focuses on food security, healthcare resources, and financial wellness through work supports such as SNAP, Medicaid and tax credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits.

Additionally, SC Thrive offers Mental Health First Aid training to provide awareness and education about mental health, reducing stigma and myths surrounding mental health. We train laypeople to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health crises or issues, offering guidance on assisting someone experiencing a situation and steps to refer them to professional help.

Mental Health First Aid instruction is one of the reasons we are really excited to partner with Healthy Tri-County- giving tools to lay people is powerful and impactful, changing the lives of the person giving care and the person receiving it. There are so many simple ways that we as community members can positively impact mental health concerns by changing the way we view mental health concerns and reacting with helpful tools. This course is offered once a quarter in the tri county area, open to anyone in the community. We also provide it to agencies and employers by request. Click here to register.

As a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and through my work with partner agencies at SC Thrive, I’m excited to see focus on helping the whole person- we must be healthy, inside and out, to truly thrive in our community. SC Thrive has been a long time partner and support agency throughout the state, and I’m excited to see what the future holds in this collaboration.