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HTC Community Builders

HTC Community Builders is a new acknowledgement through which we recognize the significant effort of our volunteers to improve local health outcomes.

July 2019
Linda Lynah and Shelley Usher are members of the Cancer Screening committee of Clinical Preventative Services. Their consistent contribution and dedication to the work both in and out of meetings is remarkable. They are focused on keeping efforts moving forward to help HTC achieve it's goals in the community. Thank you Linda and Shelley for your dedication to HTC and it's initiatives. 

Linda Lynah, Community Relation Liasion / Outreach Supervisor, St. James Santee FHC

What motivates me to be involved in Public Health?

I have worked in the Health Care Area for 20 plus years. My primary focus is to assist our patients in obtaining adequate Health Care by educating them on the different types of services available to them. I help them to understand  the various Health Insurances  such as; Medicaid, Medicare, Health Insurance MarketPlace, Veteran Coverage and disability and how to apply. I am currently  the Community Relation Liaison and Outreach Supervisor . In this role, I am able to participate or organize Health Fairs for the communities within the upper part of Mt Pleasant(highway 41) , Awendaw, McClellanville ,Berkeley (Jamestown, Shulerville. Alvin, Cainhoy and Huger and  all of Georgetown county. My motivation for doing this work is knowing that I have played a role in helping others to live a long healthy life.

Why do I support Healthy Tri County?

I support Healthy Tri-County because of the work that they do to educate all individuals on how to live healthy. Their scope of providing this service is great! Thru their efforts a wide range of individuals in the Tri-County from infancy to elderly will have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to live a healthy ,long and prosperous life. This is God's will for his people.

Shelley Usher, MSN, RN is the Breast and Neuro Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator, Roper Saint Francis Cancer Center

What motivates you to be involved in Public Health?

My professional background of 21 years in oncology has afforded me the awareness of the need for preventative care.  In my current role as Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator with a focus on Breast and Neurological Cancers for the Roper St. Francis Healthcare system, coordinating bi-annual breast cancer screening events has further engaged me in ensuring access to care and education to all populations.  I want my patients to feel empowered and educated when it comes to their health.

Why do you support Healthy Tri-County?

All people deserve access to care.  Being born and raised in Charleston, I truly want to what is best for the people of Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties.  I feel that giving back to our community is one of my duties as a nurse and a citizen. I can only hope that the small amount that I contribute can make a difference in many lives. 

May 2019

LaShandra Morgan and Margaret Peck, co-chairs of the Diabetes Coalition, have continuously shown their dedication to the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Last month, they wrote and submitted a grant in the hopes of expanding the Diabetes Prevention Program into the rural communities of the Tri-county. Click here to learn more about what motivates them and why they support Healthy Tri-County.  Thank you LaShandra and Margaret for your hard work!

LaShandra N. Morgan, MPH is the Health Educator, SC DHEC-Lowcountry Region

What motivates you to be involved in Public Health?

My passion is to educate medically underserved populations about health because we are blessed with only one life. I believe that everyone should be able to experience the best quality of life possible. The best way for me to help people with that is to help them understand how to achieve and maintain optimum health. 

Why do you support Healthy Tri-County?

I support Healthy Tri-County because it believes in weaving equity into everything it can. This group believes in reaching everyone within the Tri-County area regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. I am proud to be a part of this work. 

Margaret K. Peck, MPH, Public Health Educator and Fitness Nutrition Coach  , Healthy Plate Cooking

What motivates me to be involved in Public Health?

As a health educator / promoter, nothing is more motivating to me than watching people take an active role in their health management and disease prevention.  In my role, I can actually see the results:  a reduced burden of disease on families, improved health markers and reports of feeling great and looking good.  At the end of the day, what is better than that? My goal in public health is to help to make those outcomes available to everyone.

Why do I support Healthy Tri County?

Our Healthy Tri County initiative provides a professional, collaborative framework where health promoting opportunities can be better scaled allowing many more people to gain access than previously existed.  I am proud that as a HTC community we work broadly to make good health an option for everyone through greater awareness, access, skills and affordability.