Berkeley County Library System

The Berkeley County Library System enriches lives by informing, inspiring and illuminating.  

With seven library branches and a mobile library traveling throughout Berkeley County, as well as an expansive online presence, the Berkeley County Library System strives to enhance customer service for our users and advance our community by providing experiences that inspire, inform, and illuminate.

A brief description of our organizational history can be found at .  The newest library, Cane Bay, opened on June 5, 2019.

The Berkeley County Library System provides access to books, digital and electronic media, programs and events to develop creativity, computers, meeting space, strives to create a literate, informed, engaged and enriched citizenry.

What excites me most, as the Library Director, about our work is inspiring, sharing information, providing resources that will improve the community. Being an important part of the community foundation, for education, employment, entertainment, and continuous learning.

We have a number of activities and events coming up that can be found at

Working with HTC has introduced me to a network of community partners and programs that allows the library to expand its horizon and depth in the community as source of information and resources improve the quality of life for residents in the Tri-County.